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Rose Blasts National Park Service over Delayed Opening of Miller Field

Congressman faults ‘byzantine process’ and ‘bureaucratic limbo’ in response to field opening a month late

Congressman Max Rose blasted the National Park Service over a proposed one-month delay in opening Miller Field on Staten Island. The field which is used by more than 10,000 Islanders every year for recreation and sports leagues typically opens at the end of April. This year, the National Park System is proposing a delayed start of the last week of May.

“Due to a frankly byzantine process, seasonal hires and prospective private contractors are being held in bureaucratic limbo,” wrote Rose in a letter to the Commissioner of the National Parks of New York Harbor, Joshua Laird. “While I understand the shutdown has impacted all levels of government, the Spring season was not some unexpected event to plan for. It occurs yearly, at the same time, and requires the same level of preparedness. Federal bureaucracy and red tape should never be an excuse when it comes to providing our children and community with the most basic of services.”

Full text of letter HERE.