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Rose to Congressional Leadership: Failing on Funding Cannot be an Option

Congressman urges bipartisan action to provide real COVID-19 relief and to prevent a government shutdown

Congressman Max Rose is urging Congressional leadership in both parties to rise above the politics and partisanship to pass substantive COVID-19 relief and to ensure government funding does not lapse at the end of the month, causing a government shutdown. Rose highlights the dire costs of failing to do either would have on struggling Americans.


“I write to urge you to not only consider a continuing resolution before the end of September, but to also consider COVID-19 relief legislation that my constituents, and Americans across the entire country, so desperately need,” Rose wrote in a letter to Democratic and Republican leadership in the House of Representatives and U.S. Senate. “As Members of Congress, it would be shameful to neglect our duty to provide federal aid, and an even bigger disgrace to subject our constituents to a government shutdown while they suffer through a pandemic. We must rise above the banter and get this done, because failure to do both is not an option.”


Rose has consistently been pressing for substantive COVID-19 relief to help struggling workers, families, and businesses in addition to aid for state and local governments to ensure first responders and public servants aren’t fired and schools can safely reopen. Citing threats of hundreds of New York City’s first responders being fired due to COVID-19 budget shortfalls, Rose joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers last month in calling on Congressional leadership to return to the negotiating table in order to address the desperate need for additional COVID-19 relief.


Citing the drastic budget gaps state and local governments are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic, Rose delivered a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives in June calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to act swiftly. In May, Rose helped pass the Heroes Act, which received bipartisan support and provided over $100 billion in critical relief for New York, including funding for state and local governments, extended federal unemployment benefits, protections and benefits for frontline workers, small businesses, and those hit hardest by the pandemic.


Full text of letter HERE.