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Rose, Oddo Convene Roundtable with SI Hospitals on Preparation for Potential COVID-19 Second Wave

Roundtable focused on hospital capacity, staffing, testing, PPE, and continued coordination between hospitals, elected officials and the community

Staten Island, September 4, 2020

Congressman Max Rose and Staten Island Borough President James Oddo hosted a virtual roundtable discussion Thursday with leaders from Staten Island University Hospital (SIUH) and Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) on lessons learned from the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and preparations for a potential second wave. The discussion focused primarily on the challenges and work needed to ensure necessary hospital capacity, staffing, and medical supplies, continuing to increase testing, and maintaining and building on the close coordination between hospitals, elected officials and the community.


“We all learned a lot from our darkest days of the coronavirus pandemic, and one of the biggest lessons was that preparation and coordination saved lives.” Rose and Oddo said. “Now is the time to take stock and continue building on our previous efforts to ensure we’re prepared for a potential second wave. Staten Island’s hospitals are some of the best in the business, and we’re fortunate to have such dedicated professionals not only saving lives today, but preparing for tomorrow. We’ll continue to be there with them every step of the way.”


Today’s roundtable is part of ongoing discussions and roundtables Rose, Oddo and their offices have been having, and will continue having, with hospitals, public health officials, and community leaders on COVID-19 recovery and preparation for a potential second wave.


“Richmond University Medical Center faced the unprecedented pandemic head on, thanks to the commitment and medical expertise of our physicians and nurses,” said Daniel J. Messina Ph.D., FACHE, LNHA, President and Chief Executive Officer of Richmond University Medical Center. “However, we are ever aware that a resurgence  of  the disease could come at any time. Our hospital is following  guidelines from New York State Department of Health, NYC, CDC and Gov. Cuomo to have a 90-day supply of personal protective equipment for our workers by Sept. 30. We are monitoring our workforce and all visitors daily for elevated  temperature and signs of illness to identify any individuals with COVID-19 symptoms for the protection of our employees and our patients and their families. We stand ready as a vital provider to care for our community.”


Rose and Oddo have continued to work closely to expand testing and hospital capacity throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and have worked in close coordination with local healthcare providers, as well as federal, state, and local public health officials.


In May, Rose and Oddo called for Mayor de Blasio to allocate military medical personnel that have been deployed to New York City to Staten Island hospitals to help ease the burden on the Island’s medical professionals and nursing homes throughout the city. In March, Rose and Oddo secured emergency medical tents for RUMC to help it expand treatment capacity. In February, Rose and Oddo convened a meeting with federal, state, and local public health officials and local hospitals to discuss COVID-19 preparedness.