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Following FDA Authorization of Pooled Testing for Coronavirus, Rose Urges New York to Adopt Practice

With positive test rates in New York around 1%, New York is ideal situation for pooled testing, which entails combining and testing multiple samples at once

Staten Island, July 20, 2020

Following emergency authorization for pooled testing for the coronavirus by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) this weekend, Congressman Max Rose is urging New York City to adopt the practice in order to more effectively and efficiently increase the city’s testing capacity.


“We’ve come a long way in New York to bring down our coronavirus numbers, but until a vaccine is widely available, we need continual and aggressive testing programs—and pooled testing is the most effective way to do that,” Rose said. “With the FDA’s approval and positive test rates in New York continuing to be right around one percent, I strongly encourage the Governor and Mayor to quickly begin pooled testing in New York. Now is the time to act in order to help us stay ahead of any outbreaks or new hot spots.”


Rose, a former nonprofit healthcare executive, has been leading calls to adopt and implement pooled testing across New York and the federal government. Rose previously has called on New York State, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and federal government to implement pooled testing.


Pooled testing, which has been touted by experts as a very accurate and efficient innovation in coronavirus testing, combines anywhere from two to twenty test samples from individuals to test all at once. If and when a pooled sample tests positive, each person’s sample would be re-tested individually. According to the latest reporting by the Governor, positive test rates in New York are currently around one percent.