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Rose’s Office Announces Staten Island Colleges and Universities Receive Over $26 Million in CARES Act Funding, at Least Half to go to Students

CSI, St. John’s University, Wagner College and its students to receive federal funding to counteract financial losses due to coronavirus

Staten Island, April 10, 2020

The Office of Congressman Max Rose announced today that three Staten Island colleges and universities will receive more than $26 million in federal funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security (CARES) Act—at least half of which is for emergency financial aid grants to students.


“There isn’t a corner of our community that hasn’t been hit by the coronavirus and its ripple effects,” said a spokesperson for Rose, who is currently deployed with the National Guard to help with Staten Island’s coronavirus response. “The impact of closing down campuses, shifting to virtual learning, and relocating students has resulted in significant financial losses for schools and particularly for students. That’s why it’s so critical that the CARES Act requires at least half of this funding go directly to students. Congressman Rose and his office is determined to fight to make sure all New Yorkers who have been impacted by this crisis are made whole, and this is an important step in that process.”


The College Of Staten Island will receive $12,595,956, with a minimum of $6,297,978 allocated for students. St. John’s University will receive $12,191,880, with a minimum of $6,095,940 allocated for students. Wagner College will receive $1,488,258, with a minimum of $744,129 allocated for students. In total, the three Staten Island institutions will receive $26,276,094 in federal funding from the U.S. Department of Education as a result of the CARES Act, with a minimum of $13,138,047 to be allocated for students as required by the law.


The institutions are allowed to keep a portion of the money they receive to help cover the significant financial losses many schools have suffered. However, they are required to distribute at least half of their CARES Act funding to students in the form of emergency cash grants to help students pay for housing, food, and other basic essentials.


Earlier this week, Rose’s office announced that as a result of the CARES Act and previous legislation passed to address the coronavirus pandemic, two Staten Island community health centers have been awarded nearly $1.5 million combined to help expand treatment, testing, and equipment needed to treat COVID-19 patients.


While Rose is deployed with the National Guard to help with Staten Island’s coronavirus response, his office is continuing to serve and fight for the people of New York’s 11th Congressional District. Rose’s office published a “Community Resource Guide” to assist constituents, businesses, and organizations navigate all the various federal, state, and local resources and information surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. The guide will continually be updated as new information becomes available.


Disclaimer: This message was sent out by Rep. Max Rose’s congressional staff.  The Congressman is currently away from the office while serving on active duty order with the New York Army National Guard. The use of Rose’s military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the New York Army National Guard or the Department of Defense.