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Rose Calls for Mayor to Give NYPD Competitive Salaries Compared to NYS Troopers, MTA Police in Ongoing Negotiations

NYPD, which has gone without a contract for over a year and a half, sees lower pay and benefits than NYS Troopers, MTA police; Congressman: ‘We ask our police officers every day to put their lives on the line for us—it’s time to show that we unequivocally support them’

Staten Island, January 30, 2020

As contract negotiations continue between the City and the Police Benevolent Association, Congressman Max Rose urged Mayor Bill de Blasio to provide New York City Police Department (NYPD) Police Officers a competitive salary and benefit package comparative to other law enforcement officers in the region.

“Staten Island and South Brooklyn are home to one of the biggest populations of dedicated New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers in the city,” wrote Rose in a letter to Mayor de Blasio. “As collective bargaining agreement negotiations continue, I encourage you to provide a competitive salary and benefit package for NYPD officers that will be comparative to the other law enforcement officers who work side by side with New York’s Finest in my district, and across the city.”

Both New York State (NYS) Troopers and Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) police salary scales result in significantly higher pay than that of NYPD Police Officers. NYS Troopers have a starting salary of $56,000, which grows to over $79,000 after one year and over $94,000 after 5 years—which doesn’t include additional compensation based on their assigned region of the state. MTA police have similar starting salaries, but their salaries grow to over $100,000 after seven years. Base salaries for NYPD Police Officers top out at around $85,000 after five-and-a-half years. Additionally, both NYS Troopers and MTA police have more generous pension benefits.

Rose continued, “Let me be clear—our MTA police and NYS troopers deserve every penny. NYPD officers deserve the same compensation for the heroic work they do every day that State Troopers and MTA officers justly receive. The current pay inequity makes recruitment and retention at the NYPD more difficult. In fact, the most recent MTA hiring class was made up of almost exclusively all NYPD officers who quit their jobs to join the MTA force. … We ask our police officers every day to put their lives on the line for us—it’s time to show that we unequivocally support them.”

As chair of the Homeland Security Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism, Rose has worked tirelessly to ensure that law enforcement has the support it needs from the federal government to do its job. Following a bipartisan push by Rose, Congress passed legislation to increase funding for critical counterterrorism programs of which New York City relies upon by $90 million over current funding levels. Rose also helped secure an increase funding for training, peer mentoring, and mental health programs for law enforcement officers by $2 million following tragic suicides by NYPD officers.

Rose joined law enforcement and bipartisan group of New York Congressmembers in calling for changes to be made to the recent bail and discovery reforms.

Full text of letter HERE.