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With Uncertainty Surrounding Future of Critical Opioid Funding, Rose Calls on Administration to Act

Following Congressman’s bipartisan effort to increase funding, House recently passed $129 million increase in opioid funding

Staten Island, August 13, 2019

Following reports that continued funding for opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery programs is in limbo for the next fiscal year, Congressman Max Rose led an effort urging the Administration to make clear that funding will continue as intended.


“We’ve made progress, thanks in huge part to those on the front lines who have been doing incredible work to help those battling the disease of addiction,” Rose said. “Now is the time to double down, not waiver, and all it will take is for the Administration to make a clear statement saying they will continue this funding as planned.”


Last month, the New York Times reported that neither the President or any of the Administration’s top health officials have publicly committed to extend opioid funding to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMSHA) past next year, when funding is scheduled to run out. Dr. Elinore McCance-Katz, that agency’s director, was noncommittal on the funding continuing beyond next year, telling the Times, “If I could, I certainly would.”


In a letter to President Trump, Rose and a dozen Members of Congress wrote, “Two years ago, Congress took comprehensive and bipartisan action to provide states with the resources to fight the epidemic head-on. These resources have been and continue to be an important tool in our fight against the crisis, but unfortunately, they risk expiring without further appropriations. We write to ask you to partner with us and commit to ensuring the continued funding of these vital programs. We are concerned that neither you nor senior officials in your administration have commented publicly about extending the funding beyond the FY 2020 appropriations cycle.”


Following a bipartisan push of more than 50 Members of Congress led by Rose to increase funding for opioid prevention and treatment efforts, the House of Representatives passed legislation to increase funding to SAMSHA, the agency responsible for funding opioid prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts, by $129 million.


According to data by Richmond County District Attorney Michael McMahon and the New York Police Department, Staten Island has seen a 44 percent year-to-date decrease in opioid overdoses from last year.


Full text of letter HERE.