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Rose Announces More Than $1.8 Million Awarded to Staten Island Mental Health Society

Federal funding will support Head Start and Early Head Start programs

Staten Island, July 10, 2019
Tags: Education

Congressman Max Rose, a former non-profit healthcare executive, announced today that the Staten Island Mental Health Society was awarded more than $1.8 million federal funding to support Head Start programs.

“Over its history, Head Start has helped over 30 million children get the reading, math and developmental skills they need to be successful in school,” said Rose. “I am pleased that this funding will allow a continuation of this program on Staten Island, and ensure that our children are on the pathway to lifelong success. This grant will go a long way towards helping our kids get the resources, education, and support they need to thrive.”

The $1,896,339 in federal funding was awarded from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to support Head Start and Early Head Start programs through the Staten Island Mental Health Society.

“We are honored to be given this opportunity to continue to serve the Staten Island Community,”  said Roseann Catania, Staten Island Head Start director. “With four centers on Staten Island, we serve approximately 230 children per year across the borough. With over 53 years of experience in cultivating positive social, emotional and cognitive development in young children, the Staten Island Head Start program has succeeded in providing them with the foundation for future school achievement. With this latest grant, we plan to expand our program to begin working with toddlers in the 24 to 36 month range.  In this way, we can better serve families and really give children the ‘head start’ they need from a preschool of quality. Our thanks to Congressman Rose for his support.”

The Staten Island Mental Health Society runs four Head Start and Early Learn Centers which serve more than 300 children at any one time between the ages of 3 and 5 each year. Pre-K is offered at each Head Start center. The programs give each child learning and playing experiences that prepare them for school, academically, emotionally, and socially while providing the children with a wide range of health and social services.