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Preventing Gun Violence Focus of Rose Roundtable at Fort Hamilton High School

Student: ‘We’re all just teenagers and I think the fact that we’re experiencing this at our young age is just ridiculous’

Brooklyn, May 7, 2019

Photos from the roundtable HERE.


Congressman Max Rose, a member of the Congressional Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, held a roundtable with Fort Hamilton High School students today on preventing gun violence. This was the first of a series of roundtables Rose will hold with students throughout Staten Island and South Brooklyn.

“What is alarming to me about the issue of gun violence right now is that it seems Washington has become immune from being shocked into action,” said Rose, an Army combat veteran. “It begs the question, what will it take? What will it take for Congress to finally act to prevent gun violence?”

Rose turned the questions to the students asking, “How has this issue of gun violence affected your lives, affected your lives in school? How are you seeing this issue as relevant to you day-to-day?”

One student told of an incident last year when it was suspected that a student brought a gun to their school, “Once one person found out that someone supposedly had a gun, everyone found out and everyone started to panic. We were locked in the band room and it was just a scary situation because you don’t know what’s going on and everyone’s texting you, your parents to see what’s going on. Just like left there not knowing what to think, but thank god everything was cleared up and NYPD took care of everything. It wasn’t that bad afterword’s, but my father and my mother were calling me. So for someone who’s actually going through that in a real situation, I can’t imagine how I would react.”

Another student responded, “We’re all just teenagers and I think the fact that we’re experiencing this at our young age is just ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to go to school or go to a place with a lot of people and be afraid that something would happen. And I feel like just because it keeps happening, it’s always a thought in my mind.”

Earlier this year, Rose voted to pass the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, a long-overdue, commonsense gun violence prevention measure which will save lives. Keeping his pledge to fight for gun safety reforms, Rose is also supporting legislation to ban the sale, manufacture, or possession of new military-style assault weapons to civilians.