Campaign Finance, Voting and Corruption

When Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites can barely afford mortgage payment and healthcare bills, and have egregious daily commute times, Max believes that the government should be on their side, solving these real issues—not on the side of special interests, or billion dollar corporations. It’s time to put our government back on the side of the American people. That is why Max made good on his commitment to fight corruption tooth and nail in Washington, wherever it may be.

He is a proud cosponsor of H.R. 1, one of the strongest anti-corruption bills ever developed. This bill strengthens voting access by creating automatic voter registration, and removes barriers by streamlining absentee voting. Going one step further, H.R. 1 would hold your representatives accountable by guaranteeing donor disclosure and restructuring the Federal Election Commission, making sure your vote goes to the candidate you support, and not to billion-dollar corporations. Max worked to get H.R. 1 passed in the House, but he did not stop there.

As one of his first actions in Congress, Max introduced the Lobbyist Loophole Closure Act, which would ensure that lobbyists operating in the shadows at the bidding of special interests are brought to light. When consultants sell access to government officials under the guise of providing “strategic advice,” the American people deserve to know about it. If you act like a lobbyist--and are paid like a lobbyist--you should have to register as a lobbyist, and that is exactly what would happen under Max’s bill. This bill passed in the House of Representatives as part of H.R. 1, and Max will continue to fight to get this signed into law.

Max, along with Congresswoman Katie Porter, co-founded the historic, freshmen-led End Corruption caucus, whose mission is simple: to wrest political power from lobbyists and corporations and give it back to our teachers, nurses, cops, firefighters, and everyday working- and middle-class Americans. They have supported ambitious legislative items to:  

  • Keep dark money, corporate PACs, and special interests out of our democracy,
  • Ensure accountability in all branches of government through transparent, regular reporting,
  • Prohibit foreign bad actors from interfering in our elections,
  • Stop Big Pharma from buying the right to poison our communities, and
  • Instill hope into every American that we are here to fight this corrupt system.

To that end, Max introduced the bill to end corporate PACs once and for all--the Ban Corporate PACs Act.  This bill prohibits for-profit corporations from being allowed to sponsor, operate, or fund a separate segregated fund, commonly known as a PAC, and would dissolve any existing corporate PAC one year after the bill becomes law--and to be clear, this will become law.

To prevent Big Pharma from continuing to influence our politics with their blood money, Max co-authored the Save Lives Act, which sticks it to Big Pharma by banning opioid drug manufacturers’ corporate PACs from supporting federal candidates. 

No matter what your political party, nobody in our Executive Branch should be allowed to act with impunity when it comes to foreign interests. Max’s Transparency in Executive Branch Officials Finances Act is strong bill that expands the existing financial disclosure requirement for all political appointees, so that all appointees, the President, and the Vice President will need to disclose any positions they or any members of their extended families hold with foreign-owned businesses, along with disclosing foreign intellectual property and significant foreign business stakes owned. Our democracy should be free of foreign interference, now and forever.