Transportation & Infrastructure

Our community suffers under one of the worst commute times in the country, yet for years we’ve paid some of the highest tolls in the country. Since taking office Max has fought to make sure Staten Island and South Brooklyn get our fair share. Max fulfilled his promise to restore split-tolling to the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, a plan that would take thousands of out-of-state cars off our roads every day. He worked across the aisle and was proud to see President Trump sign the bill repealing one-way tolling into law, and the gantries that will allow for split-tolling are being installed. Max took on the Port Authority when they sought to raise tolls and reduce the Staten Island Bridges discount, and was proud to stand with Borough President Oddo, State Senators Lanza and Savino, and Assemblyman Cusick when the Port Authority backed down and announced they would keep our commuter discount. And Max fought for fair treatment for Staten Island by passing a bill through the House that would remove an outdated law preventing agencies like the Port Authority or MTA from providing discounts to commuters who have no other option to leave their community.

Max has also brought millions of dollars back to the district to improve our commutes, from the $9 million to improve the 86th Street corridor bus service, to much-needed renovations for the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. He helped secure over $4.1 million in funding for the Staten Island Ferry, which has become crucial during the coronavirus pandemic to ensure that our ferry workers and riders have the equipment necessary to stay safe while they ride. And while Max understood the need to reduce service on the Ferry during the peak of the pandemic, he also was the first to stand with Borough President Oddo in calling for service to be restored once ridership picked up.

How we get to work isn’t just a matter of convenience—it’s one of the most important parts of our lives. In the middle of the pandemic, when frontline workers risked their lives to staff our hospitals and keep our essential services going, they relied on our transit system to do it. As a result of the coronavirus crisis, the MTA is facing billions of dollars in deficit due to the increased cost to operate and decreases in revenue, which is why Max continues to work with his colleagues in Congress to secure federal funding for our city and state. We simply cannot afford cuts to service, cutbacks in maintenance, or delays to long-awaited projects, and Max is doing everything in his power to ensure against that.