Transportation & Infrastructure


Our community suffers under one of the worst commute times in the country. As our Congressman, Max is determined to ensure that Staten Island and South Brooklyn receive the quality transportation infrastructure that they deserve. Max is fighting to be sure that New York gets its fair share of federal transportation and infrastructure funds.  

Since taking office, Max has put Staten Island and South Brooklyn commute times at the center of his agenda, including:

  • Increasing ferry access to Staten Island.

  • Making drastic improvements to transit systems in South Brooklyn.

  • Finishing the expansion of the Staten Island Expressway.

  • Bringing two-way tolling to the Verrazano-Narrows bridge (half-price each way) to reduce truck traffic.

  • Increasing federal support for North Shore Bus Rapid Transit and the Staten Island Light Rail project

Max knows that the less time Staten Islanders and South Brooklynites spend commuting, the more time they have to spend with their families.

Furthermore, these projects won’t just cut down on our commutes, they’ll help the American worker build their future too. That’s why Max will continue to advocate for a long-term infrastructure plan with built-in apprenticeship and job training programs to ensure that a college degree is not the only pathway to the middle class.

Max is also concerned for the lack of action in building the East Shore Seawall. For years, families on Staten Island’s East Shore have demanded protection against the next Superstorm, but due to bureaucratic red-tape and Congressional inaction, construction has yet to begin. This is a project that is shovel-ready and paid for--and desperately needed for thousands of families. Max’s first bill introduced in Congress provides the necessary authorization for the Army Corps of Engineers to get to work. It’s about time that Congress came together to work in the best interest of all Americans.