Our seniors have put in a lifetime of hard work and they deserve to know they can depend on the benefits they have earned. The people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn can count on Max to fight cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Max is a leader in Congress in fighting for seniors. His bill, the More Help for Seniors Act, which passed the House as part of the Lower Drug Costs Now Act, would lower prescription drug prices through direct Medicare negotiation. The More Help for Seniors Act, goes further and uses the savings from negotiations to lower Medicare Part D costs like co-pays for even more lower-income seniors.

Max is working to ensure that Americans can retire with dignity by protecting and expanding Social Security and preventing Republicans from raising the retirement age. And he’s delivering real results for people with disabilities who wait far too long to get their earned Social Security disability benefits. When Max took office, our community suffered some of the worst backlog times in the nation for people with disabilities to get their Social Security benefits – a two year wait on average. He helped lead the effort to fight for the funding needed to fix this. Thousands died each year waiting for their benefits to come. We’ve now cut the average wait time for New York City by more than half from two years to 10 months or less. Now Max is leading the charge to get Staten Island and Brooklyn a Social Security Hearing Office of their own to serve people with disabilities right here in our own community. 

Max supports lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 55 and working to stabilize pension plans. He’s also focused on finding innovative ways to create and promote private retirement savings accounts for those who do not have access to retirement plans with their employer. Max also knows how important both Medicare and Medicaid is to seniors. For the most part, Medicare does not cover long-term care and more than one in three Americans turning 65 will need nursing home care at some point. These seniors very often rely on Medicaid. In fact, Medicaid covers six in ten nursing home residents. Max is fighting to prevent cuts to Medicaid so that our seniors can get the care they need.