Healthcare & Combating the Drug Epidemic


As a former healthcare executive who ran non-profit community health centers in our district, Max understands what it takes to reform our healthcare system to make it more affordable and more accessible. In Congress, he is working with both Republicans and Democrats to move bipartisan ideas that will lower costs and moves us towards universal coverage, while moving beyond the poisonous debates we’ve been having for the past ten years. Max supports creating a public healthcare option so that no county has just one insurer and lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 55. The healthy competition this will create will drive down costs while boosting quality.

As Chief of Staff at Brightpoint Health, Max helped working people get healthcare they could afford. He knows firsthand how underserved our community is when it comes to these vital services, and has taken active steps to address this issue, including helping bring a medical clinic and drug recovery center to the Island. The opioid crisis has hit our community hard, and Max has been a leader in doing whatever it takes to save lives and get patients who are struggling with addiction the care so they need return to a productive life. He’s focused expanding access to treatment and renewing our focus on prevention. One of Max’s biggest accomplishments was helping establish a 24/7 drug recovery center on Staten Island—the first of its kind.

He’s also working to ensure that patients can afford to access the life-saving medications they need, and isn’t afraid to take on pharmaceutical corporations to do it. When corporations like Mylan jack up the price of an EpiPen by 400% without a thought—or consequence—there is something seriously wrong.

Max will protect public health through continued funding for Planned Parenthood, which provides much-needed health services to so many communities. He will fight any effort to restrict a woman’s right to choose.