Our immigration policy as a country is badly broken, and it’s only getting worse. Max believes Republicans and Democrats should work together to reform all aspects of our immigration policy including providing a pathway for children brought here through no fault of their own and immigration enforcement. Max believes we can and must do all of this while securing our borders. He supports Congress passing comprehensive immigration reform. Until it does, he believes that it’s critical, for public safety, economic, and humanitarian reasons, that cities like New York be able to protect law-abiding members of our society—DREAMers and others.

Our community is a diverse one and the immigrants who live in our district are hard working Americans. Max opposes the travel ban which targeted Muslims and left translators and intelligence sources in danger. The United States of America should never abandon our allies in the fight against terrorism. Protecting refugees through Temporary Protected Status is also vital, as these are people who have fled war and natural disasters. America continues to be a beacon of hope in a dark world by giving temporary refuge in America to those most in need.