Economy & Jobs

Max knows that when we put the American worker first, our country is at its strongest. But for too long, Washington has let the wealthy and corporations shape our economy at the expense of the middle class. Max has worked to fight this system since day one. 

Fighting for Tax Fairness 

On Staten Island and South Brooklyn, the sky-high state, local, and property taxes are making life harder for small business owners and squeezing more and more families out of the middle class. This is compounded by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our community, and the devastating impact of the 2017 Republican tax bill that capped our State & Local Tax Deduction (SALT) deduction and allowed the government to tax the same hard-earned dollars twice. That is why Max was proud to cosponsor the Restoring Tax Fairness for States and Localities Act to bring back our SALT Deduction, and end the double-tax scam--this bill successfully passed the House, and Max will keep fighting tooth and nail until it becomes law. 

Our District is being fleeced when it comes to tolling, and we have the most expensive toll bridge in the nation to prove it. Max introduced the Tax Relief for Bridge Tolls Act, to save the average commuter traveling daily over the Verrazzano anywhere from $215 to over $1,000 on their taxes—this massive savings will help right the injustice that Staten Island and Brooklyn commuters have faced for far too long. 

Supporting Our Businesses

Strengthening the middle class isn’t just about eliminating burdens, it’s also about expanding opportunity, especially for the industries hit hardest by the pandemic. That’s why Max is leading the charge to pass the Real Economic Support That Acknowledges Unique Restaurant Assistance Needed to Survive (RESTAURANTS) Act to establish a restaurant stabilization grant program designed to help independent restaurants deal with the long-term structural challenges of COVID-19, and ensure they can re-employ workers and stay in business. Max also successfully took on the Mayor’s restrictive reopening policies with a bipartisan coalition of local leaders, which finally led to indoor dining being restored. 

When the Paycheck Protection Program was implemented, Max took on four of the biggest banks who were using the pandemic as an opportunity to profit off of suffering businesses. Max and his office worked together to recover over $8,000,000 in Small Business Administration relief funds, and worked to get the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act signed into law, and finally repeal the unworkable 75/25 payroll rule. 

After hearing from several Little League coaches and youth sports leaders on Staten Island and in South Brooklyn struggling to stay afloat amidst the pandemic, Max not only took on the New York City Parks Department and won, but he also introduced the COVID-19 Youth Sports and Healthy Working Families Relief Act. This comprehensive, bipartisan legislation would give working families a tax break, and ensure our kids’ teams can survive through the year. 

Fighting for Our Unions

One of Congress’ top priorities must be to protect and strengthen labor unions, who built this country and are the backbone of America’s economy. We cannot have a strong middle class, without strong unions. The policies and benefits that unions fight for everyday don’t just help their members, they raise wages and improve conditions for hardworking men and women all across the country. That’s why Max fought to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, or the PRO Act, to penalize companies who retaliate against workers, and enhance key bargaining rights.