Economy & Jobs


Max knows that when we put the American worker first, our country is at its strongest. But for too long, Washington has let the wealthy and corporations shape our economy at the expense of the middle class.

Nowhere is that more apparent than Staten Island and South Brooklyn, where high state, local, and property taxes are making life harder for small business owners and squeezing more and more families out of the middle class. Unfortunately, this most recent tax bill has only made things worse, capping the State & Local Tax Deduction (SALT) and allowing the government to tax the same hard earned dollars twice. That is why Max is a co-sponsor of the SALT Deduction Fairness Act that would repeal this misguided policy that targets hard working New Yorkers.

But strengthening the middle class isn’t just about eliminating burdens, it’s also about expanding opportunity. One of Congress’ top priorities must be to protect labor unions, who are the backbone of America’s economy. We cannot have a strong middle class, without strong unions. The policies and benefits that unions fight for everyday don’t just help their members, they raise wages and improve conditions for hardworking men and women all across the country. That’s why Max will continue to advocate for protecting collective bargaining, and fighting for the pensions and benefits that these men and women deserve.

Making it easier for our Staten Island and South Brooklyn businesses to invest in our communities makes our country stronger is also a top priority for Max. He will work to cut red tape and help our small businesses thrive.